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You want to throw a party with your people? You want to have many different rooms set up exactly as you want? You find that the usual video chat providers just aren’t cut out for parties? Well, take the next step and join Heyhoo - your new party platform.

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Create a Fantastic Party Feeling Online

Whatever your party needs, we’re here to help. With Heyhoo, you’ve got the perfect party solution at your fingertips. Move around from one party location to another and check out the party arena, be it in wintery white or summery green.

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Get the Gang together

Instead of just one video chat room, you can enjoy multiple, connected rooms all set up to your individual preferences. No more shouting over the top of each other - you can move from room to room as you see fit, just like at a real party.

Parties Tailored to Every Need


Gather friends and family together - include those who mean the most!

Larger Celebrations

Whether it’s Christmas, New Year’s Eve or a Wedding - anything goes!

Corporate Events

Set up a unique virtual event with colleagues

Catch up with friends from all over the world

Now they’re no longer too far away

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Create your online event for free

Create your party just the way you want it

Your party ought to be something special so, just like in real life, you’ll decide how many rooms you need, which videos to show and which music to play. You’ll create your very own party plan and design your own invitations.

Build up the individual party bricks and build your own party house!

Send personally designed invitations
Let everyone know it’s time to party! Design and send your personal invitation which includes a link to your virtual party. Let your guests know what’s in store and when the party’s happening.
Create an introduction
Create your introduction and let your guests know what to expect at your upcoming virtual event. You could even share a funny video or simply write your own text to get your guests into the party vibe.
Forget just one channel - create multiple party rooms
There are a total of six video chat rooms available for your party. Your guests can switch between rooms as they please. We recommend one room for every 5-7 guests. If necessary, you have the option to add more rooms or reduce the number of rooms at any point during the party
Open the Game Room for your guests
With help from our suggestions, you can create your very own Game Plan for your event. You decide the entertainment for your guests, be it solving a fun quiz, guessing each others’ artwork or playing a round of the creative Dixit game online.
Catch up together with just one other guest
in an “In Private” room
If you would like to give your guests the opportunity to hang out “in private” during your party, you can include private rooms. This gives each guest the chance to spend some one to one time with a friend in their own secluded area - undisturbed from other party guests. Only 2 guests can enter an “in private” room at a time.
Your Party Plan
Plan a time schedule for your party and let everyone know what’s in store. Allow a guest to make a toast, schedule a time for a group “CHEERS” or include a countdown to a birthday.
Choose a suitable film or video for your party
Share a movie or a video with your guests that you know they’ll enjoy. Choose clips that fit your party theme - your guests will love it!
Choose the right music for your party
Your Heyhoo Party features a Music Room for you to fill with all your favourite tunes. Find the perfect DJ set or playlist for your party on YouTube and share it with your guests. Guests can decide for themselves if they want to play your background music.
Communicate with your guests via Chat
If you or any of your guests want to communicate something during the party, then Chat is the best way to keep everyone informed. The chat function can be used simultaneously to any of the video chats or other tools and is the best way to share content with all guests.
Your Guestbook
Your Heyhoo Guestbook allows party guests to share greetings, salutations or even congratulations for your mega party. Once the party’s over, you’ll have a written memento of all the fun.
Choose a Background
On Heyhoo, you have the option to choose between a summer or winter background Just select your preferred format and watch a summer or winter backdrop appear .
Easy to use for everyone

All you need is an internet connection as well as an internet-enabled device (computer laptop, smartphone or tablet). The required software for video transfer is already integrated. Your guests won’t need to download anything - they can simply open your party in their browser. Simply activate the video chat rooms, unlock any extra options and it’s time to get the Heyhoo Party started!

How does it work?Your Party - ready in 20 minutes!

Switch to the Party Builder page
Choose your background from the Settings and give your party a name
Activate video chat rooms. The number of rooms as well as descriptions are optional.
Choose Extras - Game Room, “In Private” option, Music, Videos, consider your party plan and let our tips inspire you.
Register and complete the set up
Send Invitations
Let’s get this party started!

What others are saying about us ...

“This is the best birthday party that we could ever have hoped to celebrate during corona. We laughed so much. It just shows you, wherever you are in the world, you can always have fun with friends!”
Thomas, 34, Germany
„What a fantastic evening - I had a great time. What a brilliant idea - we could use this for the venue for our school summer party“
Christine, 37, Germany
Brilliant idea to play skribbl! It’s been like forever since I experienced so much suspense in a game. Awesome fun! Thanks for the party!!
Nadine, 31, Germany
“What a brilliant way to celebrate a birthday, despite corona. Sooooo much fun!”
Robert, 60, UK
Good Morning! Many thanks for the excellent party - it was so much fun! I woke up feeling like I’d really been at your place. Extra round of applause for the quiz - haha, can’t believe that I came first!!!!!!
Klaus, 29, Germany
„Special times require special measures and this here Heyhoo is just the thing!”
Annika, 27, Germany
„We’ve found a really cool virtual party location Easy to use and almost as good as the real thing!
Dirk, 45, Germany
„Cooler than Discord”
Saskia, 23, Germany

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Skribbl - draw and guess words together
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